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Our team

Connecting London to Paris is the common goal which initially brought our team together
but we are above all motivated by the great human adventure the Enduroman race offers.


Brice Bonneviale

48 years old. Solo Athlete

Brice is a civil engineer who graduated from Les Mines (91). He is currently the director of a profit center at Elis (Elis provide a complete textile rental and laundry service to all types of activities all over Europe).
Brice started running in 2013 when he decided to train for the Paris Marathon.
After completing 5 marathons, he felt like bringing some fun into his physical activities: he bravely chose to train for triathlon as he had never ride a road bike and very seldom swam before. That was in 2016. He since averaged 10 hours of training per week, sometimes early in the morning or late in the evening to respect his professionnal commitments. Sport is definitely part of his personal balance.

After Ironman Nice in 2016, he earned himself the famous black T-shirt by making it to the top of Gaustatoppen mountain during Norseman extreme triathlon in 2017. Norseman race is considered as one the toughest triathlons in the World: a 3800m swim in a Norwegian fjord at 12°C, 180km of  road bike riding with a total elevation of 3500m and finally a 42,5km run with 1800m of elevation.

In 2018, he completed Celtman triathlon (Scotland), Etape du tour cycling race, Embrunman triathlon, the New York marathon and SaintéLyon (81km trail running by night)

In 2019, he set himself the challenge to finish Enduroman triathlon. He sees it as a collective adventure shared with his supporting team: assistance vehicle, food and water supply (also during channel crossing) , logistic,…


Pauline Avronsart

30 years old. Public, media and sponsors relations

Pauline is fond of situations which take her out of her comfort zone (her purring cat sleeping on her feet and her beloved Ikea duvet filled with duck feathers). She already completed three ironman triathlons! Among those was Inferno triathlon in Switzerland so she really knows what surpassing herself means.

Hyperactivity is the way she lives and that is why she recently started a training to become a professional coach for managers in addition to her current professional occupation as an business development consultant for a well known company specialized in optical products.

She is someone who is turned to others and human relations are compulsory to her well-being: she really blossoms when she can help people surpass themselves.

Pauline is able to keep smiling even after 12 hours into an Ironman triathlon and her energy and her joie de vivre are really contagious. She can’t help committing to even crazier new projects.


Sylvain Prouet

34 years old. Logistics

He graduated from Ecole Centrale engineering school in 2008 and his current professionnal occupation is project manager for a company specializing in nuclear civil engineering. Sylvain is the swiss army knife of the team. He can address alll kind of unexpected situations with composure and pragmatism. He is meticulous, generous and there is no doubt he will be able to use his scientific knowledge to help the team whenever required. His almost perfect English (for a Frenchman) will be a plus for the team when travelling across the channel.

He became an Ironman in 2015 when he completed Embrunman triathlon and did not stop there: he  finished Ironman Nice and Ironman Wales in 2016 and 2017 respectively. He loves cycling: he can completly take apart and reassemble your bike in record time without even dirtying his hand!

You got the picture, Sylvain is good with his hands: whether for installing a  new kitchen, setting up a garden or cooking his favorite dish aka the truffade!

He feels good when surrounded by mountains and apart from triathlon, he’s fond of nordic skiing, open water swimming, mountain biking and kitesurfing.


Anne Studer

29 years old. Osteopath.

Anne got her osteopath diploma in 2012. She also graduated in traditional chinese medecine (TCM) and founded SPH which is a company specialised in alternative medecines with a multidisciplinary approach.

She always practiced sports and she is passionate about human challenges and travels. She’s not afraid of backpacking around the world or trekking along the GR20 on a whim. Her next challenge will be the Pyrenees crossing. She will be very helpful to the team combining her Swiss-German discipline and her natural empathy.

Through her company SPH, Anne will gather different experts around Brice to help him train in optimum conditions: mental training, osteopathy, dietetics, meditation, hypnosis. She will be the conductor of his training.


Aurelien Buttin

32 years old. Photographer.

Geographer and traveler, Aurélien Buttin started experimenting with photography in 2010 on a trip around Europe. Working with Canon cameras he managed to express himself as an artist and has since decided to live this passion fully.

Aurélien spends all his free time travelling the world enlarging his (collection of) photographic work combining both total immersion in native populations and natural landscapes.

As of today, he has wondered through over 40 countries on 3 continents, visiting both man-made and wild environments, symbolic places such as the Sahara desert , the volcanoes of Indonesia, the Caucasus mountains...

On the road, Aurélien also got to meet people of his own generation that all shared the same values and love for adventure and freedom. Thanks to his skills and his camera, he was able to capture the unique moments they shared.



Didier  Padovani

53 years old. Swimming coach

Didier is a member of the Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille, a swimming club where a couple of famous French elite swimmers are training. He was also a member of the France junior national swimming team. Didier chose to compete in open water swimming races after turning 40. He quickly mastered this sport and was crowned twice vice France champion in his age group (45+).

He is a familiar face on the podium, including that of Monte Christo swimming race. More recently he started swimming in high altitude lakes during winter. The water temperature barely reaches 5°C but this does not prevent Didier from swimming for several kilometers! Quoting Didier himself “It’s like when you are having a pastis: there is water and ice cubes!”


Karoly Spy

43 years old. Triathlon coach

After spending 7 years as the technical advisor for the French triathlon federation, Karoly founded KS-Training in 2012 in order to provide athletes with a global approach to performance (training sessions, training load, nutrition, biomechanics,…)

Karoly gives a special importance to biochemical processes occurring in the body and to the way cells respond to training. In 2017,  with the help of a team made of sport enthusiasts, he developed the GUTAI app to offer both coaches and athletes the opportunity to improve the way they train.